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Today I am going to introduce you to something called Bookmarklets. Bookmarklets are tiny add ons simply made for your Web browser. They are basically buttons programmed with JavaScript code that allow you to do useful functions, straight from your Web browser. Bookmarklets can let you modify the way you see another Web site, search more quickly in ways not possible with a search engine, navigate Web sites more effectively and much, much more!

In this tip, I’ll show you how to add bookmarks to your browser, how to find them and I’ll share with you four Bookmarklets that I think are extremely useful.

First off, you need to make sure you have the links toolbar. That’s were the Bookmarklet buttons should be accessed from. Bookmarklets work with both Firefox and Internet Explorer and I will show you how to work with both.

In Internet Explorer, go to View, then click on Toolbar. Check Links if it isn’t already. A toolbar should appear. Delete any buttons on it by right clicking them and pressing Delete. Do the same for Firefox, but instead of clicking on Links, check Bookmarks Toolbar instead.

Okay, you’re now ready to use Bookmarklets. To add a Bookmarklet in Internet Explorer, right click the link and press Add to Favorites. A box should appear with a list of folders near the bottom. If not, press Create in <<<. Then select the Links folder and press OK. In Firefox, all you need to do is drag the link up to your Links bar and let go. Here’s what a toolbar full of Bookmarklets looks like and what happens after you press the Google Search.

To find Bookmarklets, all you need to do is search your favorite search engine and you’ll receive tons of results.

Alright, before I tell my favorite Bookmarklets, I have some bad news. Although Bookmarklets work with all browsers, some of them are made for only one browser. If it works with Firefox, you’ll see this image next to the name. If you see this , it works with Internet Explorer. Also, another very important tip is when you add these Bookmarklets, you might see weird names next to them when they are on your toolbar. All you have to do is right click the button and press Rename to give them a new name. Try to pick a short name, so you can fit even more Bookmarklets in!

Okay, now for my favorite Bookmarklets! Feel free to use these to get started and then go on and make your own favorites too!

1. Google Search

Most of you probably have a toolbar for Google, but this is great for searching for something straight off of a Web site. All you have to do is highlight the text and press the button. If nothing is selected, a box will appear asking you what to search for.

Use this link to add this Bookmarklet.

2. AutoScroll

This Bookmarklet scrolls the document at a readable pace. A great feature about this is you enter a number (one to eight) and that’s the rate you’ll scroll at with eight being the fastest. I constantly use it to skim read long articles.

Use this link to add this Bookmarklet.

3. PXN8 Photo Editor

This is probably one of the most useful Bookmarklets of all. This is a photo editor and it allows you to edit tasks right on the Web. Sometimes when you only need to make a couple tweaks, it’s so much easier than opening Paint or Photoshop. After you are done making changes, you can save the image to your desktop or upload it to a photo sharing service.

To add this Bookmarklet, visit www.pxn8.com [1]. Click the link that says “Choose your image to edit” and you should see a link to add the Bookmarklet to your favorites.

4. Tiny URL

This Bookmarklet shrinks a URL if it’s too long to e-mail or hard to remember. To read more about services like this, check out this tip.

Use this link [2] to add this Bookmarklet.

There you have it! A fast and easy way to do the things you want to do on the Web. I hope you have fun with this tip!

~ Neil Patel