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Boot Disk

Boot Disk

So, what is a boot disk? Well, first of all, a boot disk is also often referred to as a bootable disk, so don’t think they are two different things. Basically, a boot disk is just a disk that a computer can use to boot up or start from. Normally, computers boot up from the internal hard drive, but there are other options, such as a floppy disk, a CD or a DVD as well.

For a boot disk to work, it needs to have an operating system installed on it. The only catch is that the computer must be able to recognize it. It can either be a complete and full copy of the operating system or just have the necessary utilities needed to start up a PC.

So, when would you use a boot disk? Well, they are mostly used when an operating system or a hard drive on a computer won’t load properly. This occurs when there are faulty data blocks or any other additional errors on the original disk. You can usually fix the errors by running a disk repair utility or when you reformat your computer. And that’s that!

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