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Born to Learn

Welcome to Born to Learn where you will find a series of animations that look at new theories on how human beings learn.

Obviously, the main part of the site is the featured animations. There are four videos at the moment that you can watch. You’ll find them all right on the main page. Just click the play button on the video you’d like to watch.

I’d suggest that you check out the videos and then head to the About page. I actually started on the About page because I was curious what the site was putting forth about new ways of learning. I’m taking a class this semester where we have discussed how language is acquired in human beings and I’m rather fascinated with that idea, especially if it shifts into a broader topic like learning.  After that I watched the videos, but I don’t think that you have to watch videos/explore the site in any particular order.

I do think that reading the site and watching the short animations is going to make you think of questions, and for those questions I would recommend heading to the FAQ. They answered all of my questions and gave me more food for thought.

After the FAQ, why don’t you check out the You section. Here you can share your learning experience and read the experiences of those that have already submitted to the site. I though this section was pretty neat!

http://www.born-to-learn.org/ [1]