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Boycott Watch

Boycott Watch [1]

What is Boycott Watch? Their FAQ answers this question efficiently, “Boycott Watch is a non-profit organization that looks at boycott calls, asks both sides their story and posts it at Boycott Watch so people can decide for themselves what the truth is.” If you have more questions about them and their goals check out their FAQ.

Get your information on boycotts you are watching as they are updated an new information as it comes to light, stay on top of new boycotts as they arise. Think of it like News for boycotts.

You’ve probably recieved email with lists of alleged French companies to boycott in reaction to the French position on Iraq. Well, here you’ll find a CONFIRMED list of which companies really are French and which actually are not. Or read the REAL stats on where oil is imported from before you believe the internet rumors.

Head on over for the information, then decide for yourself.

http://www.boycottwatch.org/ [1]