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Brand New Hotmail

Brand New Hotmail

Have you heard about the new features that have praised the Hotmail e-mail program recently? If you use Hotmail as your main e-mail client, you may have, but just in case you haven’t (or if you’re thinking about switching over to Hotmail), you’ve got to hear about these! Now, I know it’s sometimes hard to accept new things, but I promise you, Hotmail is doing nothing but getting better. It’s still fast, simple to use, safe and best of all, it’s still free. Let’s check it out, shall we?!

One of the biggest (literally) changes Hotmail has made is its storage space. From now on, you can enjoy a whole 2 GB of space for all your e-mails and anything else you need to store. When it comes to e-mail, you can never have enough storage space, so this one is going to be very helpful. The second new feature is a completely new design. With this new design, you can now customize your Hotmail to be exactly like you want it. You can choose your own colors, pick how you want your layout to be and so much more. This one is super cool!

The last feature is enhanced security, which is always nice to have. For example, with the new Hotmail, you will be warned about suspicious e-mails through color coding. And that’s just one thing Hotmail will do for you! Now, with all these changes, I know you might be worried about a few things. Well, don’t be! Your e-mail address, your folders, your e-mails and all of your contacts will transfer over with you. It’s all taken care of for you. So, if you’d like to check out the new Hotmail, just log in to your account and at the top of that page, click on the link that says “Supersize Your Inbox.” That will take you to a page where all the features are explained or if you want to learn more about it, just click on the “Take the Tour” link. And if you’re ready to just get started with it, click on the “Take Me to My New Inbox” link. That’s all you have to do to start enjoying the brand new Hotmail!

~ Erin