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Bringing Back Your Internet Connectivity Icon

Terry from Biloxi, MS asks:

How do I get the Internet Connectivity icon back in Windows Vista?

While working with networking connection in a Windows Vista operating system, you may sometime lose the small network icon in the Windows taskbar. You may have been tweaking some settings and suddenly discover that the network connections icon is missing from Windows taskbar.

The problem with the missing network connections icon is that you have to repeatedly open control panel and go to network and sharing center to manage your network connections. Another annoyance is that you will not be able to figure out to which network you are currently connected to.

Here is an easy way to bring back the network connections icon in your Windows Vista taskbar:

-Right click on Windows taskbar and choose “properties


-This will open a small window with different tabs on the top – Taskbar, Start menu, Notification area and toolbars. Switch to the Notification area tab, as shown below:


-In this tab, you will see different checkboxes which allow you to specify which icons are shown in your Windows taskbar. If you want to show all icons in Windows taskbar, uncheck the checkbox that says Hide inactive icons, as shown below:


-To enable showing the network icon on Windows taskbar, select the Network checkbox, click OK and then Apply.


-You are done, now you will see the network icon on your windows vista taskbar. Here is how it will look:


There will be a small bubble just below the network connection icon which indicates that your network currently has internet connectivity. If you don’t see the small bubble and see a small cross, it means that your computer is not connected to the internet.

To solve this, you will have to setup a new connection from Windows control panel > Network connections.

~Amit Banerjee