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Browse the Web with OpenOffice

OpenOffice.org : Start Your Online Search Without Starting Your Browser

We’ve all done it… when working on some sort of document, we decide that we need to verify our information before we actually include it in our document.

It’s a very good idea, since we wouldn’t want to give false information…

With that in mind, it’s off to the browser – wait for it to load – type in our search keywords – wait for the results.

That’s a lot of hassle, especially considering that you already had your keyword in the document you were working on and let’s face facts, copying and then pasting the keywords into the browser’s search box won’t shorten your work… it’s just another way to accomplish the same task.

Today I’d like to offer a different, more efficient way to complete that Internet search right from your OpenOffice.org program.

To accomplish this wondrous feat, all you need to know about is the Hyperlink toolbar.


(View menu, Toolbars sub-menu, choose Hyperlink Bar towards the bottom of the list.)

With this toolbar visible you can now start your research from right where you are.

Simply select (highlight) the text you need to research.

Now go to the Hyperlink Bar and click the Find button.


A list of search engines will open – choose one.

Instantly your browser will open and the search results will be loaded just as though you had taken the time to open the browser and retyped the keywords yourself.

That’s it – it really can be that simple to start your research without actually bothering to launch your browser!

~ April