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BrowsingHistoryView – See Where You’ve Been

Did you know that your web browser automatically keeps a history of everywhere you go? This can be helpful as it uses this information to guess where you want to go if you type in a recently visited address but it can also be used to see where you’ve been and when. Most web browsers include a private browsing mode to prevent logging of this information and the ability to clear the history but how do you see where someone has been going if they are using the regular mode?

BrowsingHistortyView is a free utility which will scan all web browsers installed and all users and report back the sites visited, title, visit time, visit count, referring URL, browser and which user ID visited it on the computer. You can download this utility by clicking here [1] and scrolling down to Download BrowsingHistoryView (for 32bit systems) or Download BrowsingHistoryView 64-Bit (for 64bit systems). Once you download and unzip the files double click BrowsingHistoryView to launch the program.

You will be prompted with a screen to select the time period to load the history on, the web browsers to scan and if to load all users or just a specific computer user. Click Ok when you’re done selecting the options you want and a detailed history will appear.

You can click on any of the columns to sort them.  The the view menu includes a useful option, HTML Report – All Items, which exports a HTML file with all of your history you can e-mail or save.

To read more about BrowsingHistoryView visit their webpage by clicking here [1].