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Bulk Watermark Tool – Add Watermarks To Your Photos

There was a time when watermarks, (text on an image that usually says who made it or that it’s copywritten) were reserved for wedding photo sample books because the only way to copy a photo was to go to a professional photo lab.

The digital photography revolution changed all of that.

So how do you let people know your images were taken by you and are copyrighted when you want to share photos with friends via e-mail or Facebook? 

Until now I’ve been doing it the hard way: open an image I want to post in an image editing program… make a new text box… type in my text… save my image… repeat the same process over and over for every image I wanted to upload. Eventually I got lazy and just stopped adding it… and now people can use my images without giving any credit to me.

Until now! Bulk Watermark Tool is a fantastic application which lets you add a text watermark to all the images in an entire directory with a few simple button clicks.

Once you install the program and click the Bulk Watermark Tool icon on your desktop a window comes up asking you to select the location of the files you want to add a watermark to. JPEG/PNG/GIF/BMP file types are all supported. Just click on file folder picture to select the directory.

Now, click on the Text tab to type in the text you want, set the color, select the location of the text, set how transparent the text will be and if it will have a background color or not.

On the Font tab you can select the font and the size you wish the font to be. In the Margins tab you can select how far from the corner you want the watermark to start.

Select the Output tab and you can choose where to output the new files (and if you want to overwrite existing files if you’re going to output them to the same directory as your originals are stored). If you do this, the originals will be destroyed and replaced with the version with watermark so I wouldn’t recommend it.

That’s all there is to it! Click Run and the pictures will have the watermark added! If you want to check how they’ll look, click Show Preview to see a preview of the images with the new watermark.

Here is an example of an image without and with my watermark added. The watermark doesn’t take away much from the image but now it’s definitely clear who took it and who owns the rights to it.


Bulk Watermark Tool may not have some of the advanced options of watermarking with images or multicolor watermarks, but its simple, well-designed interface lets you watermark images so quick you won’t feel bothered by doing it.

You can download Bulk Watermark Tool by Northweb Technologies [1] by clicking here [2].