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Flickr is every photographer’s best site to store images and showcase them to the world. It’s also a great community for photographers, both amateur and professional, to get constructive feedback for continuous improvement. One thing that perplexes most Flickr users, however, is the ability to download everything off Flickr and have a backup. This is also to make use of  those optimized photos for daily use, instead of searching and downloading the pictures on the Flickr site. Thankfully, with Bulkr [1], all those days are over.

The best part is that Bulkr promises to do more with your images. This nifty tool allows you to one-click download your entire Flickr photo stream in bulk. It is particularly useful for those who have a pro account and have thousands of photos on Flickr. With this desktop tool, the download is seamless – which means, in case of power or internet failure, the download resumes from where it left off.

The best part is that Bulkr is free to install and use. You can try out almost all features without paying anything. However, if you opt for a paid version, you get to download original size photos from Flickr and not just large images in the free version. What’s more,  you can download 500 images in one shot in a paid version, unlike 100 photos in the free version. And the coolest thing? You can download Creative Commons licensed photos uploaded to Flickr by other users.

~Zahid H Javali