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Bullet Points in MS Word

When you’re at the end of a bulleted or numbered list, what do you choose to do?

I mean we all know what happens… you enter the last item and hit the Enter key… and there’s yet another bullet or number.

Most people I’ve watched in this situation start up with the Backspace key and often end up hitting it one too many times so that they’re right back where they started… at the end of the list.

Hit the Enter key and try again… or not.

I’ve watched some people who actually take their hands off of the keyboard to use the mouse and actually turn the list off with the bullet or numbering button.

Again, not really my first choice.

The solution I have for you is to use the Enter key twice.

At the end of the list the first Enter key will all another item to the list.

A second go at the Enter key will efficiently end the list and return your cursor to the left margin.


Ending a list couldn’t get any easier than that :)

~ April