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Bullet Size in PowerPoint

When you work on an MS PowerPoint presentation do you often find that your numbers or bullets seem either too small to view in the back of the room or so large that they overpower to rest of the slide?

Either way it’s not a good thing and you may find yourself spending way too much time trying to fix the situation.

Well, fortunately for you and me there’s a very quick and exact way to fix the problem.

With that said, let’s get right to work.

First, if we’re going to do adjustments to bullets or numbering then we’ll need to get to the Bullets and Numbering dialog box.

If the list is already on the slide then simply highlight it before you open the dialog box.

In older versions of PowerPoint you need the Format menu, Bullets and Numbering choice.

In PowerPoint 2007 you need to click the down-arrow on either the bullet or numbering buttons then choose Bullets and Numbering from below the gallery.

At this point everyone should be looking at this dialog box.


Double check that you’re on the correct tab… Bulleted or Numbered.

Now, take a look below the gallery of choices.

You should find a field for the size of the bullet or number as a percent of the text.

Adjust this number as you see fit. I found that the value had to be between 25 and 400. Obviously the first time or two may take some trial and error, but you’ll soon get the hang of how certain values look and will settle into your own style.

With the size set click OK.

Voila! Bullets or numbers that aren’t too big, aren’t too small but are just right.

~ April