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MS PowerPoint: Bulleted Lists, Where You Click Can Make a Big Difference

Today I tripped across something rather interesting when working on a presentation for my students.

I had created a list of “must knows” for their test and decided that I had too much information for one slide. I immediately made duplicates of the slide containing all the information then went back to delete different parts of the list from each one.

As I was selecting the portion of the list to delete I accidentally clicked the bullet for an item instead of my usual click and drag.

To my surprise – and happiness – with the one click on the bullet PowerPoint selected not only that line of text but all the sub-points as well.

Then it was a quick strike of the Delete button and it was all gone!

But of course this one is for more than just the deletion of information.

You can select information and drag it to a new location, copy it, change formatting… whatever you might do with text you’ve selected.

The next scenario I can think of is when we want to select an individual sub-point from that main statement. Can it be done just a easily?

No problem, simply click the mark in front of the information to remove and only that one sub-point is selected.

The trick is just too easy not to incorporate it into my everyday work habits.

~ April