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Bureau of Communication

I saw these floating around both Pinterest and Tumblr, and knew I had to find them so I could share them with you. 

The Bureau of Communication offers you a fine array of forms to use to communicate. Forms like: a Declaration of Romantic Interest (that could be handy for Valentine’s Day), Unsolicited Feedback, Observing of a Holiday, Airing a Grievance, a Formal Apology, Statement of Gratitude, Official Invitation, and Acknowledgement of an Occasion to name a few. 

How does it work? Well, you fill out the form of your choice, following the guidance on the form and then share it via e-mail or Facebook with the intended recipient. Don’t forget to select what to stamp your message by choosing an option from the drop down box beneath the form. 

These forms provide a hilarious way to send invitations or announce romantic interest, and an assertive way to announce unhappiness or grievances. 

Check them out today!

http://www.bureauofcommunication.com/ [1]