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Bureau of Taste

Bureau of Taste is the article and recipe section for the company Sous Chef. I adore cooking, and I’m an adventurous home cook. I found Sous Chef looking for harder to find equipment and ingredients that I was interested in, but I’m bring you the Bureau of Taste because of all the yummy free recipes and informative articles!

Navigation is really easy! Just scroll down the page and you’ll find the featured article and then the most recently added recipes and articles. Then at the bottom of the page you can use the next arrow or page numbers to navigate back through the older entries. 

Right now the featured article is all about Ben Spalding’s new venture at John Salt, and the different tastings that will be offered, as well as what it’s like to open a restaurant. It is an interesting peak into the culinary world Spalding is a part of.  The featured recipes (those on the main page right now) are a Bacon Sandwich Korean Style, Chilli Kale Crisps, Apple and Jasmine Jam just to name a few.  I’m dying to make Kale chips (or crisps)! I’ve fallen in love with Kale this summer, and that’s the one preparation I haven’t tried yet, but keep meaning to make. 

This site offers a great way to expand your culinary repertoire with new recipes and articles that expand your knowledge of food and different ways to prepare it. I’ve learned how to make beef jerky and kimchi, as well as how to create my own tasting menu. 

http://www.souschef.co.uk/bureau-of-taste/ [1]