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Burn Pictures to a CD

Judy from Arkansas asks:
I want to burn pictures to a CD or DVD. What’s the process?

I’m glad you asked this question Judy, since I know many people have problems with this. My friend is a big fan of taking pictures and when she first got her computer, she was curious about burning pictures to a CD or DVD as well. The instructions I gave her went something like this:

First of all, you will need to have a blank CD. You can purchase blank CDs in your local department store. I normally find them for under $5.00 in many stores. If you want to buy a big pack of 50 blank CD’s, then that is going to cost a little more, like around $20.00, depending on the brand you purchase but is worth the savings.

When you have the blank CD’s in your hand, insert one into the CD drive of your computer. When you insert the CD into your computer, your computer should recognize that it is a blank CD. You will proceed from here by saying you would like to “Copy to CD”.


If this message does not pop up, then click on “My Computer” and locate the blank CD that you have put into your computer. Now, click on it.


Next, you will need to locate the folder that you have your pictures in. Find the pictures you would like to burn to a CD and drag/drop them into the folder. Some individuals take a different route – they highlight the pictures they would like to burn to the CD, push the right mouse button and select “copy,” then they move over to the folder where the CD is and right click the mouse again and say “paste.” When they click “paste,” all of the pictures they previously selected are placed in that folder.


Double check and make sure you have all of the pictures you would like to burn, especially if you do not have a CD that is rewritable (CD-RW). This is because once you burn a CD-R, you will not be able to go back into it and add/remove anything. This is why we like rewritable CD’s so much, even though they tend to cost a bit more, because you always have the option to add pictures at a later on.

After you have added all of the pictures to your CD, you will need to click on “Write these files to CD.” The burn process, depending on the speed of your burner, could take some time. Do not try to eject the CD yourself. By doing this, you will interrupt the burn process and it could cause the files to incorrectly burn.


When the pictures have been completely burned to your CD, it should automatically eject.

When the burn process is completed and the CD has ejected itself, push the drive back in and browse through the CD. Make sure all of your pictures burned to your CD successfully. Now, take your CD out and label it correctly. If you do not label it and keep it blank, it could get mixed in with the other blank CDs and cause a hassle.

You see, Judy, the process to burn pictures is not hard at all. Once you get the hang of it, you can burn pictures to CDs and not have to store them on your computer. You also won’t have to worry about losing all of your pictures if your computer crashes

~Cory Buford