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Burning DVDs with Windows DVD Maker

Jack asks:

How do I make a photo/music/data CD using Windows 7 Movie Maker, that will play on DVD/CD players? The ones I make will only play on computers. I am using an Acer Aspire with Windows 7 Home Edition.

Jack, if you thought you were missing something, you weren’t. Currently, there is no way to burn a DVD directly from Movie Maker so that it will play on a standard DVD player. However, there is another free program on your computer called Windows DVD Maker, that was designed to do just that. Here’s how you do it.

1. Create your movie(s) or photo slideshow(s) as normal in Windows Movie Maker, then click the options menu in the top left hand corner of your screen and select Save Movie, then Burn a DVD. Choose where you want to save your file, and click Save.

Burn in Movie Maker [1]

2. Once your file is saved, you need to open Windows DVD Maker. So, type Windows DVD Maker into the search bar on the Start menu, and click on the icon to open the program.

3. Next, click the Add items button, and select the file you just saved in Windows Movie Maker. Add as many media files as you want for your DVD. Further options can be found by clicking on the link at the bottom right of this window, but the default settings are likely to be what you want, so once you have your file(s) loaded up and ready to burn, click Next.

Add File DVD Maker [2]

4. The following screen will give you some options for selecting a DVD menu. There are a variety of animated menus you can choose from, so scroll through your options on the right hand side to see what fits the theme of your videos. Click Preview to see what each will look like on your TV.

Select Menus [3]

5. You can customize the menu text and layout by clicking Menu text or Customize Menu.

6. When you are ready to create your DVD, insert a blank disc into your disc drive and click Burn.

Now your project is complete and you are free to share your favorite movies on a DVD player of your choice.

~Jonathan Wylie