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But I Don’t Want To Print The Whole File!

But I Don’t Want To Print The Whole File!

Have you ever found yourself trying to print only a few pages of a long file?

Maybe you made changes to only one page and need just it—not the other 42.

Sound like a familiar situation?

If your answer is “Yes!” then here’s the solution to your problems.

Next time you go to print and need only a portion of the file use either the File menu, Print choice or Ctrl + P.

(The printer button usually just prints the whole file, with no options, so using that won’t help us here.)

Now take a good look at the Print window.

See the section on the left – in the bottom/middle section?


Here it is – you do have an option!

By default, the All choice is selected.

Voila! Print what you want and only what you want!