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But I Wanted to Use ClipArt!

But I Wanted to Use ClipArt!

While you were investigating Friday’s MS Excel tip on jazzing up your graphs, did you try the Picture tab on the Fill Effects window?

I’m sure you noticed that by clicking the Select Picture button, you were led straight to the My Pictures folder found in your My Documents.

But what if you were hoping to use a ClipArt image instead?

I suppose you could try to navigate to the location that MS Office stores its ClipArt files in, but you’ve just got to know in your heart that there’s a more efficient way. And you’d be right!

So, let’s take a look at using ClipArt to make your graphs really stand out.

Just like in Friday’s tip, after creating the graph, you’ll need to select the data display item(s) you want to change.

If you want to make all the bars the same, simply click on one of them and they all will be selected. If you want to change a single bar, you’ll need to click, pause and then click again to select an individual item.

With your data item(s) selected, go to the Insert menu, Picture submenu, ClipArt choice.

At this point, you’re on familiar ground. Search, select and insert a ClipArt image, just like you normally would. Only this time, it will be inserted as your graph element, which will turn this:

Into this:

Or, anything else you can imagine.

Now, that’s what I call “eye catching!”

~ April