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Calibre 0.7.43

Most people are aware that reading a hard copy of a book is becoming a thing of the past. There are many products on the market that enable you to read your favorite books in electronic form. Books such as WorldStart’s Internet Security Survival Guide [1] and many others are now becoming available in digital form, often referred to as EBooks. With all of this new technology, how are you supposed to stay organized? How do you transfer to these new fancy devices? Well I have an answer for you. It is a cleverly designed program called Calibre.

calibre_1 [2]

Calibre is a program designed to keep all of your electronic books in one place for easy access. With additional features such as converting and renaming, you will be able to keep track of all of your favorite stories. Not only does this program work wonders by organizing, it also has the ability to transfer these books to your favorite reader such as the Nook or Kindle. All we need to do is set this up in the Wizard, as you install the program.

calibre_2 [3]

Setup and Installation

While running through the setup of this program, I noticed it can be set up for many different devices that will accept electronic versions of books. Simply pick your device from the list and continue your installation (*Note* Some are listed under the manufacturer of the product). This will ensure that you will not have issues once you install and begin to use this program.

Once you have run through the setup, you will need to import any books you have saved on your computer or E-Reader. You can do this by clicking on the button labeled Add books in the upper left hand corner of the program window. From here, choose the file location of the books and upload them to Calibre.

calibre_3 [4]

Sending Books to Your Device

Sending books from your computer to your reader is extremely simple, using this program. Simply click on the Send to device button in the bar located at the top of your window. From here all you need to do is locate and choose the book you would like to transfer. It really is that simple!

There are so many features available in this program, that it would take a full EBook to explain them all. The help feature of this program is very extensive, yet extremely easy to use. One thing I can say is whether you have an E-Reader, or you simply like to download books off the net, this handy program is designed to make your experience that much better. Click here [5] to begin organizing all of the amazing books you love to read.