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Calligraphy Practice

Calligraphy Practice

Welcome to a web application that allows you to practice your calligraphy online. When it comes to calligraphy I don’t think that anything can really compete with practicing with the pens and paper, but this application can really help you get a feel for how the nibs you’re using should work.

It also gives you the opportunity to practice more than one style and with different colors of ink and paper.

You can get started just by using your mouse like the pen and making strokes on the paper. Or you can customize your experience with the options of Paper and Samples.

Samples – allows you to change the style of calligraphy you are practicing. You have the following options: Round Italic, Lucid Calligraphy, Dolphin, Celtic, Hiragana Group 1, and Hiragana Group 2.

Paper – allows you to select the type of paper you want displayed. After you select a style of paper you can then chose Tint which will allow you to change the color of the paper.

Then for further customization you can change the color of the ink by clicking the drop down box on the picture of the nib with the ink splotch. You can change the nib size by altering the values to the right of the picture of the nib. You can change the nib by clicking the nib above the image of the nib with the ink splotch.

The Help option at the top of the page will offer you further explanations, and further explain other ways you can control the application. And then there is the Print option, which allows you to print out your work in three ways.

While it may not be a practical application for learning calligraphy – it sure is fun – check it out today!

http://mathtoybox.com/calligraphy/calligraphy.html [1]