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Calm.com Helps You Reduce Stress

A recent Harvard study found out that people who participated in an 8-week meditation course saw their brains physically changed for the better. Most noticeably, the part of the brain associated with stress got smaller. A majority of us today are aware that meditation is good for improving health, creativity, longevity and many other areas of our life and yet we constantly find plenty of reasons (or excuses) not to meditate.

“How do I find the time to meditate?”, “I don’t even know where to start”, ”I don’t have enough information to start”, ”I have too much else to do right now” are some of the most common excuses our minds are readily able to offer up. Doesn’t it sound strange that we are not willing to spare a few minutes every day to improve our spiritual selves?

The person who started Calm.com [1] probably had enough of these excuses as well. This appropriately named website aims to take you on short guided meditation tours that are combined beautifully with sounds from nature. The aim of this website is to help people with a shortage of time, relax and take a mental break.

When you go to Calm.com, you are presented with a scenic animation that by itself is enough to make one stop in the middle of a hectic day and feel relaxed. There are plenty of scenic choices from the ever-popular beachside to the shot of a picturesque misty river bank. However, this website is more than a simple visual treat.

Calm.com provides you with a voice guided meditation track meshed with calming natural sounds. Depending on the time available to you and your general patience levels, go ahead and click on one of the 3 options.  


It has been proven that as little as 2 minutes a day for a few weeks can bring about positive changes in our brains. Go ahead and select the 2 minute meditation option and test if for yourself. For serious meditators, Calm.com gives you longer options of 10 and 20 minutes meditations and for people on the move, this app is available for iOS as well.

All you have to do is just follow the very simple instructions. Select your preferred nature scene, put on the headphones and just listen to the voice instructions. For me personally, this guided meditation has proved extremely helpful. I have used it plenty of times while waiting for a meeting, on the Subway and even for a quick energy recharge in the middle of a hectic day. I insist that you give it a shot. Just plug in the headphones and close your eyes. Works better than a shot of espresso, I’ll tell you that.

 ~ Yogesh