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Calvin Nicholls Paper Sculpture and Design

I was checking my Stumble Upon recommendations and there was a link to a blog article that displayed Calvin Nicholls’ artwork; I checked it out, and was blown away at the amazing sculptures that he creates out of paper. Who knew that paper could be so amazing?! I certainly didn’t. That page alone wasn’t enough to share with you so I searched to see if he had a site dedicated to showcasing his work, and was in luck that there was! That made me very excited because I very much wanted to share it with all of you!

Navigation is simple. Just use the navigational categories near the top of the page. As you mouse over each of the categories you’ll discover drop down menu items that you click to explore that section. The categories are:

Paper Sculpture Galleries – this is the heart of the site in my opinion, but at the very least it is what I came to see. These amazing paper sculptures are divided between four galleries. After selecting a gallery to view, you have two ways to check it out: you can click the play button and watch the slide show, or you can click on “thumbnails” and browse it that way. If you spot one you want to see bigger, just click it! I am just amazed at what he can create out of paper!

Paper Sculpture Prints – this is where there are prints that you can buy, but that’s not why I’m mentioning it in my review. You can also see sculptures that weren’t featured in the gallery section – there is an amazing polar bear in the Limited Edition section. This is also setup with the same navigation style as the galleries, you can pick between the slideshow or thumbnail view.

Design PortFolio – here you can learn about where Calvin Nicholls went to school what and what sort of other design work he does. There are some nifty pieces in this section: print ads, display models, and more.

About Me – here you discover his method to creating these amazing paper sculptures, as well as check out the awards he has won for them!

I hope you will enjoy this gallery as much as I did. Check it out today!

http://www.calvinnicholls.com/ [1]