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Camera Phone Photos Blurry? How To Clean The Lens

Are your camera phone photos starting to look a little blurry and not-so-nice?  How is anyone going to appreciate your kitty’s cuteness when they can’t see Fluffy clearly?


Take a good look at your phone. It might be because you need to clean your lens. Because of the time phones spend in pockets and purses, they tend to collect lint and dust. And for some reason, whenever your hands are sticky, your fingers seem drawn to the lens on your camera phone. 

Over time, your lens picks up residue and your photo quality starts to suffer. Fortunately, it’s easy to clean the lens.

You can buy lens cleaning cloths at many stores. Keep a packet on hand and remember to wipe off your lens occasionally. If it’s really gunky, you can clean with distilled water and a Q-tip.

Make sure you use distilled water. The impurities found in some tap water could leave residue on your lens.  It’s not expensive, you can probably pick up a gallon for around a dollar. Dip your cotton swab in the water and then squeeze most of the water out. You want it slightly damp, but not wet. You don’t want water seeping into your camera.

Work the swab around the lens carefully. Don’t press too hard, you aren’t scrubbing.  Then take a dry swab and wipe every bit of the moisture off immediately.

Try to be mindful of where the lens is located when handling your phone to avoid fingerprints in the first place, and do think about picking up a nice microfiber cleaning cloth.

A clean lens means clearer photos.


Isn’t she adorable?

– Cynthia