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I know you’ve been waiting patiently, so here’s one for all your Mac users/lovers out there!

How to Install and Customize Camino

Camino is a simple “no fuss” browser created just for Macs. Camino is clean, simple and it lets you browse the Web without a lot of hassles. Plus, no more pop up advertisements! And that’s just one of the great features it has to offer. How cool is that?!

Camino is also a fast browser. For all of these reasons, you should try this free (that’s right, I said free) browser today.

The reason I started using Camino was because Safari was not compatible with some new and cool Web sites that I liked to visit. I needed something different and that’s when I found Camino.

If you want to download Camino too, so you can visit your favorite Web sites quickly and easily, go to the Camino Web site first, by clicking here [1].

Click on Download to start the process of getting Camino for yourself.

Once it’s downloaded, click on and drag the Camino Disk Image to the Applications folder under My Computer.

Now, you’re ready for some fast browsing!

First, let’s customize Camino a bit.

Click on Camino, Preferences. Select General. Now, you can choose a homepage and select Camino as your Default Web Browser, if you want.

You can also tell Camino to open each new Web site in a new tab or a new window. Using new tabs makes it much easier to jump from site to site, without a lot of windows in the way.

Next, you can change the appearance of Camino to make it look just the way you like!

Make color selections and even choose the fonts you want to see on all your Web pages.

If you don’t like your choices, just click Reset and start over. It’s that easy!

Also, tell Camino how to handle cookies and passwords by changing the Privacy settings.

Personalize your Camino browser even further with the Security settings, as shown below.

Sifting through your Web history is also a lot easier with Camino. First, tell Camino how many days to save it. Pick any number you want. Also, use this screen to clear out your history, if you’re on a shared computer.

Now, one of the most useful features in Camino is the tabs. Camino will also let you control exactly how it handles these tabs.

You can also use Camino to make all of your fun (and legal) downloads easier. First, tell Camino where to save the downloaded files. I have a folder on my desktop, appropriately called, “Downloads.” You should choose a similar name as well.

The last thing you want to do under the Camino Preferences is set the Web Features. This is where you tell Camino to ignore all of those annoying advertisements and pop up windows. You can even make an exception list for sites that use pop up windows for things other than advertisements.

Once you’ve got all that done, you’re good to go. Now, go on and enjoy this free and quick browser just for Macs. Yes!

~ Veronica West