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Can A Kindle Fire Read Nook eBooks?

Shirley asks: Can a Kindle Fire read Nook ebooks? I haven’t found an answer.

Well, it can Shirley – but Amazon won’t make it easy for you.  There is a free Android Nook App and a Kindle is an Android tablet. But you won’t find the Nook App in the Kindle App Store. However you can easily get the Kindle Reader App for your Nook, since Nook decided to allow users to install any app from the Google Play Store on their devices. You can read about that by clicking here. [1]  However, your Amazon Prime features won’t work on a Nook.

What you can do in order to read your Nook library on a Kindle Fire, is what’s called “sideloading” the app. You can bypass the Amazon Kindle App store and get the Nook App somewhere else. I will caution you that apps not purchased from the Kindle Fire App Store, are not optimized for the device and may have issues with crashing. Also, some third-party apps could contain malware, so if you choose to download them, stick to reputable sources. 

I tried this out on my very own Kindle Fire and I’m happy to report that it only took a couple of minutes to complete. This only works for a Kindle Fire tablet. A Kindle e-reader cannot run Android Apps.

The first step to bringing Nook books to your Kindle Fire is to go to your Kindle’s Settings Menu and selecting Device.

 Under Device, you can choose to allow Installation of Applications from unknown sources.  You’ll get a warning.  Read it, and if you choose to proceed, hit okay.


Now go back to the Carousel Screen of your Kindle and open your web browser.

You’ll need to find a third-party app store.  Some well-known services are GetJar, Slide ME, F-Droid and 1Mobile Market.  I went with 1Mobile at www.1mobile.com.  Download the tablet version of the app. It’s free and it takes seconds.


 Once you’ve downloaded it, you’ll get a notification in the upper left of your Kindle screen. Click Install and it will be finished in a few seconds.



Open your newly installed App Store and type Nook in the search box.


 Then download and install the Nook app. Again, it’s free and it took only a minute or so to download and install. Then I was able to open with no problem.

 As I’m not a regular Nook user, I can’t vouch for how well the app performs on a Kindle. I did notice that the icon for the app did not look very pretty on my Kindle Carousel.

On a side note, if you what you’re interested in reading Amazon and Barnes and Noble e-book purchases and don’t want to buy a Kindle or a Nook, you can download both the Kindle and the Nook App for Android tablets from the Google Play Store in a matter of minutes with no extra work required.Then you should be able to enjoy your purchases on any Android tablet.

~ Cynthia