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Can I Check Other E-Mail Accounts In Gmail?

Freida from MS writes:

I want to get away from Outlook Express, since I heard that it was being phased out. My email is with my server dtcweb.net. How can I still use that email address with another email program? If I set up a Gmail account, can I set it where my dtcweb.net email goes to my Gmail email account?

One of the fantastic parts of Gmail is the ability to use it to load more then just your Gmail e-mail.

The first step you want to do is contact your other e-mail provider (dtcweb.net) and ask them for the POP3 e-mail setup information. Usually, this will be something like mail.dtcweb.net, and your e-mail address as a login name and password you setup when you signed on with dtcweb.

Once you have this information, open Gmail, log in, then click on the gear then left click on mail Settings.

Click on Accounts and Import and then click on “Add a POP3 mail account you own”

Type in your dtcweb.net e-mail address and click Next. In the next window, type in your account information given to you by dtcweb.net. After such, click Add Account.


Congratulations! Your Gmail will now check and download messages from your dtcweb.net address. You can now see and manage both e-mails from inside of Gmail.

P.S. Gmail has setup instructions and troubleshooting for this feature also available at http://support.google.com/mail/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=21289 [2]