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Can I Connect Computer To Smart TV

Ed from Brossard writes:

I have a blue connection on the back of my computer. I believe it is VGA. Can I connect my Samsung Smart TV To My PC? What do I need to do and how? I enjoy your daily tips. It is like a university course in itself if followed daily.

Thanks Ed!

First of all Ed, why do want to connect your computer? If it’s for playing videos or using other Internet apps, your Smart TV may already permit you to do that without the work of attaching your computer.

The Samsung app store offers a variety of free and paid apps.

You can even browse the Internet using your TV.

I ask this, because if you’re wanting to use your HDTV as a monitor for your computer, you may find it’s not always the best choice. I explain why in this article. [1]

In order to connect your TV to your computer, you will need to make sure you have the correct type of cable and the necessary available ports on both the TV and the computer. Click here for a more detailed article on the process. [2]

If there’s a way to accomplish what you need without hooking up your TV, I’d try it that way first, though and save myself some trouble.

~ Cynthia