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Can I Get Apps For Android Tablet Without WiFi?

Barry writes:

I have a new Android tablet. I bought it for writing and for reading eBooks. I don’t have WiFi and I don’t want WiFi at my house. I don’t believe it is secure. I don’t want to use public WiFi under any circumstance. I want to download apps for my device. I would like to download the Android apps to my PC and then transfer them to my tablet. How can I accomplish this?

First of all, a secured WiFi network in your home is pretty safe. It’s the people who don’t bother to secure the network that get into trouble. Your best bet for a tablet is to buy a router and secure it with a strong password. [1]

An Android tablet (As well as an iPad) is really designed to be a WiFi appliance. Updates to firmware and apps are accomplished via WiFi and content for those apps is generally accessed via WiFi. You usually won’t find much storage on a tablet because much of what you’re accessing is expected to be stored in the cloud.

If you don’t want WiFi, an Android tablet is probably not a great choice for you.  Now you could see if you can get your tablet on a 4G data plan along with your phone if you happen to have a smart phone. But you’ll get faster connection speeds at a lower cost with WiFi. 

There are ways to get Android apps to a tablet. But it’s a complicated process. You could choose a program like APK Downloader [2].  This extension for Google Chrome will allow you download apps from Google Play.  You will need set up a Google Play Store Account and you will also need the latest version of  the Google Chrome browser installed on your PC.  [3]

You could then download apps and then copy the files onto your tablet via a USB connection.

But I wouldn’t suggest it. Since security is a big concern for you, you’d be putting these apps on your computer at your own risk. PC security programs are not designed to find issues with Android apps. And the process doesn’t work smoothly with all apps.  Also, many apps just won’t function properly without being able to access the Internet for updates and bug fixes.

Purchasing a router and properly securing your WiFi connection with a password is the safest and easiest method for using an Android tablet.

~ Cynthia