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Can I Get Outlook At Home?

Dorrine from Iowa writes:

At work we had Microsoft Outlook 2010 (via cableone.net). I have outlook.com here at home. I really like the convenience of email setup in Microsoft Outlook 2010. Is that available to anyone? Or is is bundled in a software package? And if so, will I have to change my business email address from outlook.com or can I keep the same address? (I don’t really want to change it now!) Thanks so much! You at WorldStart are genius gurus!

Dorrine РOutlook can be purchased  as a separate download for around $100 or bundled with Office in the Office 365 subscription or with Microsoft Office Home and Business.  You can use whatever e-mail address you want with Outlook, since it is an e-mail client that downloads copies of messages from your e-mail account. In fact, you could download e-mail from multiple accounts into your Outlook.

~ Cynthia