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Can I Get Rid Of My Password In Windows 8?

Anna from Payson, Utah writes:

I would like to get rid of having to type in a long password every time I open windows 8. Currently it came with Norton and each and every time I finish a little session I have to shut down the computer, as it will not work if I come back to it say one hour later. I must sign out then sign in with that long password. I have tried several methods to get rid of the password but nothing is working, like typing in a big long thing with lots of letters in it starting with an N I believe then going to settings and user. Can you tell me of an easy way to get rid of the password I must type each time I open Windows 8. I am the only user on this computer so I have no need for a secret password. Thank you so much for any help you can give me.

Anna: If I understand your questions correctly, I think your issue is with the lock screen password for Windows 8. If you feel secure enough to remove the password protection, here’s how to make it happen.

On your start screen, select Settings below the search box and type Users in the search box.


Users should come up to the left. Touch or click on it, depending on if you are using a mouse or touchscreen.


PC settings will open and you’ll need to select Users.


Under Sign-in options to the right, you’ll see “Any user who has a password must enter it when waking this PC.”  Select Change.


You’ll get a warning that changing this setting can allow anyone to wake up your PC. If you’re sure you want to change the function, click OK.

If you do end up taking your computer somewhere it’s possible others might log on, or maybe you have visitors you don’t know very well in the house, you can always switch it back to requiring a password by following these same steps.

Hope that helps.

~ Cynthia