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Can I Install Office 2007?

A reader wants to know if she can install an older version of Office on Windows 10. “I have Windows 10 and an older, unopened version of Office. Can I install it?  It is Office 2007,  but it has Windows 7 with it ( it’s called “Professor Teachers Office 2007 & Windows 7″) I can’t run both 7 and 10 at the same time, can I? I don’t have an activation key; it just tells me to install it, and then play it. I don’t mean to be a pest; I just don’t know and I know that you do!”


If you did have an older version of unopened office with an activation key, you could install it on Windows 10. Any version of Office from Office 2007 on will work with Windows 10 (with the exception of Office Starter 2010).  And you’re correct in that you couldn’t run Windows 7 and 10 on the same PC without creating a dual-boot system.

But you actually don’t have a disc for Office 2007 for Windows 7. You have a piece of educational software called “Professor Teaches Windows 7 and Office 2007.”  It’s a learning software that you use in conjunction with those programs when they are installed on your PC.  Unfortunately, that won’t help you get Office on your PC.