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Can I Make Outlook.com My Default E-Mail Client?

Sherry from US (currently South Korea) writes: I use outlook.com (NOT Microsoft outlook) for my email. How can I set outlook.com as my default email client? If I forget and click on an email address in a document or on a webpage, Microsoft Outlook opens – and I don’t want to use it.

Sorry Sherry, you can’t make Outlook.com your default e-mail client. Outlook.com is a web-based e-mail service and not an e-mail client. An e-mail client is a program on your computer. You could link your Outlook to your Outlook.com and only use it for when you click on a hyperlink. If you would prefer not to use Outlook, you could find another e-mail client such a Thunderbird and set it as the default.

~ Cynthia