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Can I Play Facebook Games On A Nexus 10?

John from Canada writes: I am looking at the Nexus 10 but would like to be able to play Facebook games Cafe World and Fairyland. Can this be done with a Nexus 10?

The Nexus 10 Tablet uses the Android operating system. To find out what games are available go to the Google Play Store at googleplay.com and search for your games by name. If there is an Android app for that game, it should show up. If not, then you’re out of luck unless your game decides to develop an Android app.


Even through you may be able to play your game without issues on your computer’s browser,  if you attempt the same thing on a browser you’ve installed on your tablet, you will likely not be able to play the game or experience a lot of frustrating issues. I could not find either Cafe World or Fairyland in the Google Play store.

One solution if you really want to have both a tablet and be able to play your games is to spend more money (about double the price) and purchase a Microsoft Surface Pro. This device is both a tablet and a fully functional computer, so you could go into desktop mode and play games on the browser.  I love my Surface Pro, but I will warn you that as far as apps go, there are far fewer Windows apps than the large number of Android apps available in the Google Play Store. Also a Surface Pro weights in at 2lbs compared to the 1.33lbs of the Nexus 10.

I guess the real question, is how much is being able to play your games worth to you? Since a tablet does not replace all the functions of your home computer, you’ll probably still want to keep one. You could just enjoy your new tablet for its portability and app selection and save the Facebook gaming for when you have your computer handy.

Hope this helps.

~ Cynthia