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Can I Use A Kindle With My Offline XP Computer?

Terry from Kingsport, TN writes:

HELP!!!! I put together a quarterly magazine for a non-profit (gratis) and use my older XP a LOT.  Can’t afford to upgrade my Publisher software and great photo editing software and all and get a used bigger laptop.  I put together the magazine on XP so I can use my great OLD printer and scanner. (no driver updates to 8.1 for those)  I  have a Kindle Fire HD I can use for email but hate the onscreen keyboard and hate I’ll have to use a  thumb drive of some sort to transfer files back and forth.  Is there a way to go offline with the XP computer and not go nuts here?     Members send me photos and files to add to the magazine so I’m on email and facebook a LOT and have to respond a LOT.  Can I hook up a real full size keyboard to my 7″ kindle?  Easier way to transfer photos from Kindle to desktop?  I can’t seem to just right click and save pictures on Kindle.  How do I save photos from Facebook and email from Kindle Fire?

You have a lot of questions in there, Terry. But let’s work through them one at a time. As long as you keep your XP machine off-line, you can still use the software on it safely to create content.

You issue comes with needing to add content sent to you via e-mail onto your XP machine.  You can plug a Kindle straight into a computer with a USB to micro usb cable and drag and drop files such as photos or txt documents. Or you could use a flash drive with dual USB/microUSB connectors like the one below.

But make sure you are only transferring image files or text files and that there’s nothing executable attached to any of those files. A simple office suite app would allow you to copy text from e-mails that you could save and then transfer to your XP machine.  I do have some concerns about transferring files from your tablet to an XP machine that’s not protected from new threats, so be very, very careful in the files you choose to transfer.

You can usually save a photo from Facebook by opening it and then pressing and holding until you get the option to save or tapping a menu button where you’ll get the option to save.

I wouldn’t save the e-mails, but you can save images that you open in the same

As far as the the keyboard option for your Kindle Fire, it will depend on which model you have. If you have a first generation model, you’re out of luck. If you have a later version, you can purchase a Bluetooth keyboard. In fact there are some models that are dual USB/ Bluetooth keyboards that you may be able to plug into your computer and also use with your tablet.

 Make sure you turn off the wireless capability of your XP computer as we detail here. [1]

This is going to be a little challenging at times, but it’s probably doable. And it certainly can’t hurt to try. If you find it too difficult,  you can look into other options.

~ Cynthia