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Can I Use A Stylus Pen With A Word Processing Program?

Daniel from New York writes:

I would love to be able to add my personal signature to many things I do on line, but I have no idea how to do that. I can do HTML coding from scratch, but I can’t use most Microsoft programs other than Windows. (not even MS Word). You have frequently sold a product, a 3-IN-1 Stylus Pen with LED Light, through your store. Although you describe many ways to use it, you never indicate its use with word processing programs. Can it be used with those programs alone, or is it necessary to use programs (like Paint) I don’t even bother to install since I have never been able to figure out how to use them in the first place?

Daniel, a stylus pen will work with pretty much any program that’s designed to work with a touchscreen and that includes word processing programs.  I tested out one of our stylus pens in both Windows 7 with three word processing programs and in Windows 8 with the Office 365 programs.

To use a stylus pen, you simply open the word processing program and tap the touch screen device with your stylus pen. (make sure it’s a stylus pen and not a regular pen, you don’t want to draw on the screen)

Working with Word 2010 in Windows 7, I get this symbol on the screen:

If I tap it, I’ll see this window that gives me the option to write on the touch screen with my stylus.

There’s an option for switching back and forth between keyboard and writing.

Here’s what it looks like in Windows 8.

The stylus pen worked with Word, Word Pad and OfficeLibre Write as well as with most of the products in Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium. (I had some issues with Excel)  Although a smaller stylus head seemed to work best for writing. I also tried it out with Fresh Paint on  Windows 8 and Paint on Windows 7.

Not to repeat myself, but not even the nicest stylus pen will make your device touch screen capable. You must have a touch screen capable device and a program designed to take input from writing.

Also, when you write with the pen, what you write turns into regular typed text. It doesn’t look like a handwriting.  If you want to add something that appears to be a written signature, you will have to make an image in a program like paint. Here I selected the pen tool with and chose a thick line and took my best shot with a signature. 

You could then crop the image and save it. You could also use a font styled to look like handwriting.

All of these things do require familiarity with a word processing or image editing program, but we have lots of great tips to help you out.