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Can You IM From Outlook.com?

Debbie from Kansas writes:

Will you still be able to use a chat program right from the email  in Outlook.com as you could before? It was great to have live chat and also be able to post IMs from email. Is that still available?

It sure is Debbie.  In fact, Microsoft pushes it as one of the key reasons you’d want an Outlook.com account. Go to your Outlook account and look to the far right for the little chat icon next to your name and click on it.

You’ll see the option to Start a new conversation and you might see a list of recent conversations if you have imported your contacts from other messaging apps.

Look at the very bottom and you’ll see what message programs your chat is connected to. You can see that I’m connected to Messenger and Facebook.

To link to other accounts like Facebook and Google, click on your name in the upper right and select Account Settings from the drop-down menu.

Choose Permissions on the left and then select Add accounts.

There you can connect with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linked In and other accounts.

Choose Manage other accounts to view the accounts you’re connected to.


 Here you can see that my Outlook.com is connected to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Select Edit underneath the account to see your options.


Here I’ve selected to option to show that I’m available for Facebook Chat when I’m logged into Outlook.com.

 Once you’ve set up your linked accounts, you’ll be able to see them listed under your Outlook.com profile.


 Enjoy your messaging!

~ Cynthia