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Can You Translate Documents To Spanish/Other Languages?

David from Minnesota writes:

Is there a way to translate a OpenOffice Writer document to Spanish? Thanks.


There are over 6800 distinct languages and more then two dozen used by tens of millions of people. There is no built-in way for OpenOffice to translate documents to other languages. There is an alternative solution on the web, which is pretty simple to use and it even has a plug-in for Microsoft Office users to translate documents.

Bing Translator allows you to type in or copy the text from a document. Simply paste your document into the left box, select your language and in a few seconds the translator will convert it into the requested language on the right box. You can then copy the text from the translated right box back into your document.

If you own Office 2003 or higher, you can enable Bing Translator directly through the Office interface. Instructions and information about the Bing Translator for Microsoft Office is available by clicking here [1].