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Can’t Get IE9 on XP, What To Do?

Leslie from OH writes:

I still have Windows XP operating system. Lately some websites I visit have asked me to update my browser. I already have Internet Explorer 8. Why don’t they recognize it?

Windows XP, which was released in 2001, was declared “end of mainstream support” by Microsoft back in 2009. In April of 2014 it will reach “final end of life”, where it will no longer receive critical security updates of any kind. Microsoft has not released Internet Explorer 9 for Windows XP because of this, so you’re left using IE 8, which is a nearly three year old web browser design.

The best solution, if you’re still using Windows XP, is to consider using an alternate web browser such as Google Chrome [1] or Mozilla Firefox [2]. Both are very well regarded and considered by almost all techies as superior to IE8. These web browsers are also updated and feature the latest in security and compatibility with websites that use some of the latest technology.

Hope this helps, Leslie!