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Can’t hear sounds on some sites

I can hear instrumental music on websites, but on other sites that have sounds I don’t hear anything. Is there some way to fix this?

Most instrumental music on web pages are MIDI files while other sounds like “You’ve got mail!” are usually WAV files. Rather than representing musical sound directly, MIDI files transmit information about how a song should sound that is then processed by your sound card. WAV files represent musical sound directly.

Both types have their own volume control in your computer.

Go down to your system tray (RH corner next to clock) and double click your speaker icon. A volume control interface will come up.


Make sure that you have your Wave, MIDI (on my computer it says “SW Synth”, yours may be different), and CD audio all turned up and that “Mute” is unchecked.

This should allow you to hear all the sounds of the web.

~ David