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Can’t Play WMA Files On Android After Update

Jill from Iowa writes:

I used to be able to listen to WMA Audiobooks on my Android phone before the Jellybean 4.3 update earlier this month.  (I would download the audiobook through Overdrive Media Console on my laptop then transfer to my phone).  I’ve tried 9 different music players on my phone with no success. Do you have any suggestions?

No version of Android natively supports WMA (Windows Media Audio) files.  But you should be able to download a WMA player from the Google Play Store. Though finding a player that works with your particular phone can sometimes be a challenge. Make sure the player supports WMA files. 

I’ve heard good things about Poweramp and MX Player, but do check the reviews and see what users have to say about your particular phone.

Another thing I would suggest is that when borrowing audio books using the OverDrive App, check to see what formats are available. If you have the option to borrow in the MP3 format, I’d suggest going with that that.

 ~ Cynthia