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Ever find yourself looking to add captions to your pictures in MS Word?

If you did a quick scan of the menus, you probably didn’t run across anything that looked helpful, but if you take a deeper look into the submenus, you’ll find that Word does have a caption feature. You just have to know where to look.

To begin, you need to select the picture, table, equation, etc. that you want to caption.

Now, go to the Insert menu, Reference submenu, Caption choice.

The Caption window will open looking like this:

It’s here that you can choose what type of label you need: Figure, Equation, Table or you can choose to create your own label with the New Label button.

I must warn you that this feature automatically numbers the label (you can alter how it numbers with the Numbering button) and you’ll have to wait until you’re back in your Word document to remove the number.

You can also choose where the caption should be located relative to the object, so don’t forget to make a selection in the Position field too.

Click OK when you’re done.

You’re returned to your document where your caption should now be, where you requested.

At this point, you can click into the caption and do some more editing. For example, you could remove the number or change the font formatting.

I would also recommend that you use the Shift key to select both the item and the caption simultaneously, then right click to group them. They obviously are a matched set, so it makes sense to group them into one.

And there you have it; the basics of Word’s caption feature in a nutshell!

~ April