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Capture, Save and Share Pictures From Google Earth

Megan from USA writes:

Can you tell me how to capture pictures of places I find in Google Earth? I was able to do it a couple of times earlier last year, but now I cannot. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Google Earth is great tool if you wish to take a photo-walk around the globe, and it can also be used for research or academic purposes! However, for the sake of presentation (or documentation), we might need to save images captured Google Earth. Here’s some insight on how to do so. ¬†

There are actually many ways you can take a picture of a place you find on Google Earth. To start with, locate the place you wish to take a picture of on Google Earth (I have used Eden Gardens, Kolkata for this article). Now you can try any trick below to save the screenshot as an image.



1. Go to File > Save > Save Image or use the key combination Ctrl + Alt + S.


2. In the next dialog, name the image, choose the location and save it.



1. Click the Share button to the top right corner (located beside the account button).


2. Choose to share screenshot on Google Plus (after which you can download later) – or you can also email the image to any email address.


1. Hit F11 to go fullscreen. Now hit the printscreen button (PrntScr). Close the fullscreen mode by hitting F11 again. Launch MS Paint.

2. Hit Ctrl + V and you will have an image of the Google Earth screen on Paint. Use the crop tool and trim out the unnecessary part, leaving only the Google Earth view of the location you wish to have as an image.

So now that you know how to save pictures (print and share them as well) from Google Earth, what places are you going to share?

~Soumen Halder