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Carnegie Institution For Science

Founded in 1902, by Andrew Carnegie, the Carnegie Institution for Science provides a place for men and women working at the cutting edge of their fields to work. 

Currently, these exceptional men and women, referred to on the site as investigators, are leaders in multiple fields of science. Fields like plant plant biology, developmental biology, Earth and planetary sciences, astronomy, and global ecology. 

So what will you find when you visit the site? You’ll find science articles, news, and videos. You can browse by department: embryology, geophysical lab, global ecology, observatories, plant biology, and terrestrial magnetism to just name a few. 

On the main page you’ll find the latest news, a featured video, the ask the experts button, and a list of science links from around the web. At the top of the page you’ll find a navigation menu that will whisk you away to the Departments, News, Publications/Archives, and About page. 

This site totally makes me geek out. I hope you like it too! Check it out today!

http://carnegiescience.edu/ [1]