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Cat Fanciers’ Association

Cat Fanciers’ Association – Breeds [1]

Welcome to the Cat Fanciers’ Association page, where you can learn all about different breeds of cats. Last April, we were thinking about getting a purebred cat and did some research because a friend of ours raises Abyssinians, and as I was cleaning out my bookmarks this weekend, I ran across this site again and thought it would be fun to share it with you, since I did the site on the different dog breeds earlier.

I’m starting you out on the breed information page. You can navigate two different ways. Scroll down and click the links under the breed name, or use the side menu and select the name of the breed you want to explore. Either way, you’ll be whisked away to information about the breed you have selected.

Once you’ve clicked into a breed section, you’ll find a Cat Care option on the menu above the section. If you click into that you will find tons of information on caring for your prized pet! There are tips for dealing with behavior, pesky pests, like fleas, as well as a listing of books you might want to read about caring for your kitty.

Check this site out today, to learn all about the different cat breeds and how to best care for them!

http://www.cfainc.org/client/breedscfa.aspx [1]