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Cat of the Day

Cat of the Day [1]

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I love my kitties, so when I found this site, I couldn’t help but bookmark it. At Cat of the Day, you’ll find a different cat featured everyday with pictures and a story. I find it uplifting to read these owner’s descriptions of their cats.

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Navigation is really simple. Just scroll down the page and you’ll be able to see the featured cat’s picture and story. If you want to see previous entries, just use the Previous Entries button in the side menu for that.

If you’d like to nominate your cat (I’m going through pictures of my cats later this afternoon), just click the Nominate Your Pet button on the side menu. Follow the instructions on the page, and they will review your submission. If they select your entry, they will email you to let you know when your cat is being highlighted.

Don’t own a cat? Well, you can also check out Dog of the Day, and Pet of the Day. Both are equally awesome sites. Check it out today!

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http://www.catoftheday.com/ [1]