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Archive for the ‘E-Mail Help’ Category

Avoid Autoresponders

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

An autoresponder for e-mail sends a message back every time a message is received. This is great for when you’re going to be out of the office or away for awhile on vacation, but there are some risks associated with doing this, too.

See, when you have your e-mail program set to automatically respond to every message you get, you send back to… Continue reading

MySpace E-mail

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Here’s something new for all you MySpace lovers! MySpace email has finally arrived, so now there is no reason to leave the MySpace website to get your mail! You can even have your very own MySpace email address, like!

Receive and send out email messages to any one with an email address, just like regular email. They don’t have to be a member of MySpace, either!… Continue reading

Gmail is (finally) out of beta.

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Today is an exciting day in the world of Google.

As I’m sure many of you already know, Google is not just a search engine. For more than 5 years now, Google has offered web based services for email, documents, calendars and chatting. These services, called Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar and Google Talk, have been used by millions of people around the world, but there has always been… Continue reading


Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Do you need a website that is safe for kids; one that has games and a free email service? Then Zilladog is perfect for you. It is a website specifically for kids, created by parents. They can talk with friends and family with the free ZillaMail email service. Also, they can play the most popular child-safe games approved by parents.

1. If you want to create a Zilladog ZillaMail account… Continue reading

What’s That File? – PPS

Friday, June 19th, 2009

Marsha writes:

Q: I am trying to figure out how to open “powerpoint” pictures, etc. I don’t have powerpoint on my computer, but want to know if there is a “free” powerpoint to download. Also, someone told me that a version of Office will do the same thing. Is that true?

A: Well Marsha, for this one we’ll turn to our tips archive. It looks like you

Unsend E-mail

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Q:Help! I sent an e-mail in AOL or Gmail and realized I shouldn’t have! What can I do?

A: Sometimes we send out emails that we wish we hadn’t or had hoped we could un-send. Well, now there is an option to do just that! This feature is in Gmail and there is also one for AOL, although it can only be used for AOL clients. The… Continue reading


Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Today I have found an awesome new email client that just might replace Outlook Express. The program is called PostBox and it combines all of the features you see in most mail clients with some awesome, new and innovative features. PostBox was easy to download and install. This is a must for me. I downloaded it and opened the file. From there, PostBox handled the rest. It even imported all… Continue reading

MS Outlook -What a Drag!

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Have a file that needs to be attached to an e-mail?

Need the file’s information in an appointment?

Maybe it contains information that you need in the notes of a new contact, or a task to be completed.

Whatever the need – the point is that you need the file’s information and nobody wants the hassle of manually transferring all of it. After all, the file already contains what you… Continue reading

Red “X” Remedies

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Q: Why are some of my images showing up as a red x when I try to view them? It’s so frustrating!

A: Good golly, I sure do get a lot of questions about this! I’m glad that I finally get to set the record straight about the mysterious (and annoying) red X, once and for all! Here’s a list of the top reasons for the red X and… Continue reading

Turning E-mails into Google Documents

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Turning E-mails into Google Documents

I have good news! Just one simple click with your mouse is all it takes to convert an e-mail into a Google Docs document. Yep, you read that right! It’s one of the new features Google has brought to all of their Google Docs users. And yes, it means no more copying and pasting the text from your e-mail. All you have to do is… Continue reading

Stalled E-mails

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Stalled E-mails

So, there you are sitting at your desk with your morning coffee and you’re just waiting for all of your e-mail to come through to your Inbox (using Outlook Express). You may have several e-mails that have piled up overnight and you just want them to download as fast as possible. Everything’s going fine until you are rudely interrupted by an e-mail stall. Yep


Tuesday, November 18th, 2008


Have you ever wished your e-mail would do certain things for you? Well, today, I want to introduce you to a new e-mail service you might like. It’s called BigString, but before I go into any detail about it, I have to ask you a couple questions. Have you ever wanted to erase an e-mail that was already sent? Or, how about ensuring a private e-mail wasn’t forwarded, saved… Continue reading

Put on Your Gmail Goggles

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

Put on Your Gmail Goggles

Have you ever sent out an e-mail late at night and regretted it when you woke up in the morning? You know, when your brain was functioning just a little bit better! Well, the Gmail team has created a great little feature that will keep that from ever happening again. It’s called Mail Goggles and it’s part of Gmail Labs. Let’s check it out, shall… Continue reading

Don’t Forget the Attachment!

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Have you ever sent out an e-mail and received a message back telling you that you forgot to attach whatever you were sending? That happens to me so often and it’s starting to get embarrassing! That is, until I found Gmail’s Forgotten Attachment Detector. With it, you’ll never forget an attachment again! Here’s how:

1.) Go to and sign in to your Gmail… Continue reading

A Little More About IMAP

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

A Little More About IMAP

As you may recall, last week, Erin told you about the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA), so I thought I would take that one step further today and talk about IMAP. Here we go!

First of all, IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. It’s basically a method of accessing electronic mail or bulletin board messages that are kept on a mail server. In other words… Continue reading

Gmail and Windows Live Together

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Gmail and Windows Live Together

It’s the age of integration and convenience and now, you can easily use any e-mail program while still being able to check most of your Web based accounts. POP e-mail accounts, such as Hotmail and Gmail can be accessed with any client. And today, I’m going to show you how you can get your Gmail into Windows Live Mail. Let’s go!

Simply follow the steps… Continue reading

E-mail Desktop Shortcut

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

E-mail Desktop Shortcut

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t open your e-mail client while browsing the Web, this tip will come in very handy for you! Just when you’re reading something interesting on the Internet or you find something of interest that you want to refer back to later on, you don’t want to have to open your e-mail client just to do so. Am I right? Well… Continue reading

Yahoo! E-mail Chat

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

Yahoo! E-mail Chat

Okay, so the people over at Yahoo! have come up with something really cool and if you’re not already using it, I think you’re going to love it! So, tell me, do you use Yahoo! Mail for all your e-mail needs? Do you also use the Yahoo! Messenger program to chat with all your friends and family members? If you said yes to both of… Continue reading

Gmail: Finding an IP Address

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Gmail: Finding an IP Address

Welcome to a quick how-to guide on how to track your Gmail e-mails to their originating locations by figuring out the e-mail’s IP address and looking it up. I’ve found this to be quite useful on many occasions for verification purposes and I’m sure you will too. Tracking the IP address of an e-mail sender does require you to look at some technical details, so… Continue reading

WebMail Notifier

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

WebMail Notifier

Are you an avid Firefox user? If so, you’ll definitely want to check out the new add on I have for you today. It’s called WebMail Notifier and it will save you a lot of time and it will make it easier for you to check your e-mails!

I don’t know about you, but my e-mails are spread out across several e-mail addresses with Yahoo!, Hotmail and Gmail… Continue reading

Help! My Inbox is Full!

Friday, July 11th, 2008

Help! My Inbox is Full!

If you’re like me, your e-mail account tends to outgrow its capacity on a monthly basis. So, if you want to prevent some serious program issues, your best bet is to clean up your mailbox! When your e-mail account gets so full that you can’t receive any more incoming mail, there are a few things you can do to remedy the problem. Plus, if you’re… Continue reading

Gmail E-mail Headers

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

Gmail E-mail Headers

Are you a faithful Gmail e-mail user? If so, this tip is a must read for you! Have you ever wanted to know where all the spam mail you get really comes from? I mean, you already know it’s not PayPal, the IRS or your bank, right? (Read here for more on that). So, who could it be? Well, here’s how you can find out… Continue reading

Temporary E-mail Addresses

Monday, June 30th, 2008

Temporary E-mail Addresses

So, tell me, do you often stop and sign up for different things while you’re browsing the Internet? You know, maybe there’s a contest you’d like to win or a newsletter you might be interested in. Well, if you do, you know you usually have to give out your e-mail address in order to complete the process. But what if you don’t want to give… Continue reading

E-mail Addresses: Case Sensitive?

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Can you please tell me if e-mail addresses are case sensitive? I see them typed out both ways, so I was just wondering which was right. Thanks for your help!

We here at WorldStart have talked about URLs being case sensitive before, but it never even crossed my mind to write about e-mail addresses.That’s all going to change today. Here we go!

Let’s say one of… Continue reading

Recovering E-mail Downloads and Attachments

Do you receive a lot of attachments and downloads via e-mail? If so, do you ever happen to lose your Internet connection before the download or attachment is finished loading? That can actually happen quite frequently, especially for those of you who use dial-up. Then when you log back in, you basically have to start all over again, because without a complete download, there’s nothing… Continue reading

Outlook Express Security

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Outlook Express Security

Outlook Express is one of the most widely used e-mail applications in the world. It’s a great program for what it does. It provides a simple way to get your e-mail on your computer with very minimal hassle. While OE is a great program, it does have some security loopholes that could leave your computer exposed if you’re sending an e-mail with a virus in it. Here… Continue reading

RSSFWD: RSS to E-mail

Friday, May 16th, 2008

RSSFWD: RSS to E-mail

To begin, I’d like to ask you a question: do you have any Web sites you like to visit on a regular basis, but you don’t always get to? You know, maybe you don’t have enough time or perhaps it’s just too inconvenient. If that’s the case, how would you like to receive RSS feeds from those sites right in your e-mail? That would make things… Continue reading

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