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Caught Dead in That

Welcome to Caught Dead in That; a site devoted to bringing you photos of humorous tombstones from around the world.

I know it sounds weird but I love reading the epitaphs on tombstones. At our local cemetery there is an amazing tombstone in the shape of a pyramid that is for a teacher, and each brick making up the tombstone was brought by a student of the teacher. There is another great tombstone in the same cemetery that has the epitaph of “All of Us” which I think is pretty awesome.

Navigation is easy, just scroll down the page, and then click Older when you want to go back to older posts. Currently there are fifteen pages of tombstones that you can check out.

I should warn you that it is easy to forget the time when you’re reading through these tombstones; I lost a whole hour here the first time I visited, and another two when I came back to write it up. So it might not be the best site to visit at work.