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CD and DVD Space

CD and DVD Space

Have you ever wondered how much space CDs and DVDs have on them? I mean, if you do a lot of CD or DVD burning, you need to know how much room you’ll have, right? It’s pretty much the most important piece of information you need to know before you start any burning projects. Well, I’m here today to give you all the scoop, so listen up!

I’m going to start with CDs, because I’m guessing more of you use CDs on a regular basis over DVDs. There are several different sizes of blank CDs that you can buy, including 21, 74, 80, 90 and 99 minutes long. The most popular though, as far as I know, is the 80 minute CD. This translates to approximately 700 MB of open space. If you were making a music CD (you know, throwing a bunch of your favorite songs all onto one CD), you could fit around 20 songs (give or take a few) on one 80 minute CD, depending on how long the songs are. Cool, huh?!

Now, on to DVDs. Most blank DVDs can hold up to 4.4 GB of data. Most of the package labels will say 4.7 GB, but that’s pretty much just a marketing ploy. If you’re burning a movie, pictures, etc. onto the DVD, by the time everything is actually said and done, you can only fit 4.4 GB of material on one single DVD. That’s nothing to be upset about though. That sure adds up to a lot of information on one tiny little disk. So, now that you know how much space you have when you’re working with CDs and DVDs, you can plan ahead to get the most out of your work!

~ Erin