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CD Burning With WMP 10

CD Burning With WMP 10

Do you have the Windows Media Player (WMP) program downloaded on your computer? Do you have a CD burner either installed inside your computer or as an external device? If so, did you know that you can burn CDs any time you want with just those two things? Well, if you didn’t, you know now and I’m going to go over the procedure with you today, so you won’t ever have to question how to do it. Are you ready to have some CD burning fun?! Let’s go!

For this article, I will be using WMP version 10, but the other versions work similarly. Just keep in mind that things may be a little bit different with the other versions. Also, if you would like to use this information but don’t have WMP on your computer yet, you can download it here. And one more thing, if you’re not sure if you have a CD burner or not, here are some suggestions you can use to find out.

The burning process occurs when songs are converted to or copied onto a compact disc (CD) that can then be listened to in any CD player, stereo or even in your own car! Converting the songs from your computer onto a CD makes listening to your favorite songs much more convenient! You can back up your personal CDs and have an extra copy for home and one for the car. Listening to and enjoying your music can be accomplished with just a touch of your fingertips!

The songs you already have on your computer are saved as .wma files and they are then saved as music files on the CD, which can be played on any type of music player that plays CDs. The process is also very easy and short. Just follow these steps.

1. Open Windows Media Player and enter a blank CD into the CD burner drive (often the DVD drive), onto which the desired music files will be copied.

If making a backup copy of a CD, the original CD must first be ripped onto the computer and then burned onto a blank CD. This requires two separate processes (ripping and burning). After ripping the original music onto the computer, the burning process may follow.

2. Under the Library tab, choose the album and/or songs you wish to copy onto the CD. A variety of songs can be selected. You can even make your own mixed CD through the use of this CD burner program. Cool, huh?!

3. For each song selected, highlight each (or all if it is an entire album in the same list) under the Now Playing list on the right hand column.

4. Then, right click and under “Add to,” click on “Burn List.”

5. Once this process is complete, the status can be checked under the Burn tab. If there are too many songs that exceed the capacity of the disk, it will say “May Not Fit” next to the final one or more songs. If this happens, uncheck the songs you are satisfied with taking off and then continue the process.

6. When the selection of songs that will be copied onto the CD is complete, click on “Start Burn,” located in the top left corner.

Allow the Player to finish this process before continuing anything else on the program. The estimated burning time will read on the bottom of the page. After it’s done converting the songs, they are finally copied and burned onto the CD! When all of this is complete, the computer will automatically eject the CD and you are set to listen to your favorite music!

Just for future reference, another way to choose the songs to burn onto the CD is to click on “Edit Playlist” under the Burn tab.

The songs that are checked will be burned and those left unchecked will be ignored during this process.

Happy CD making!

~ Sheida Rahimzadeh